Property Sourcing

Investing in Property

Are you looking to invest in property within the UK? At Elite Player Services we can offer advice on buying property throughout the UK. Our Investment team will discuss your needs and requirements. Whether it be a pension plan, monthly income or simply to see a better return on your money than it sitting in a low-interest bank account, we can tailor your requirements into potential investment opportunities.

Property Search

This tailor made service starts from your very first call to ourselves. The initial call will allow us to arrange a meeting where we can assess and tailor your property strategy. Once your strategy has been agreed, our staff will then source properties for you  throughout the UK that match the criteria that has been set at the initial meeting. We will then discuss these properties with you and provide you with a report on each property.

Our links within the property sector stretch throughout the UK and our team will be able access many deals before they even come on the market. Not only this, we are also in a strong position to access below market value (BMV) properties through our current links.

Make Contact

Contact us to arrange a meeting, this is free and we can identify exactly what you are looking for.